Voiding and extending warranty

Hello All,

I think it make sence to place a reminder in the forum regarding the danger to void your warranty when you follow the support instruction provided by the support team.
I for example seem to have damaged my printer while operationg the screws => bad luck.
Formlabs: “The warranty never covers user damage and there will be no compensation from Formlabs.”

But there are also good news:
“The replacement printer will have a 90 day warranty, so if you see any issues with it please be sure to write to us before this 90 day period elapses.”

That means for example if your galvo mirrors need to be cleaned (I think this needs to be done every 1 or 2 months), you can create a support ticket and return the printer. The cleaned one will have a new 90 days warranty => close the loop :wink:

Have fun !

So sorry to hear that you accidentally damaged the printer with our instructions. We’ll look into clarifying any instructions regarding screws, and I’m also glad to hear that the additional coverage gives you a boost for the repaired printer’s warranty. We’ve got the less-exciting legal version of the repair terms online.

Concerning the galvo mirrors, the frequency of cleaning is probably not a regular occurrence and our Support team will be happy to assist for anyone who is having issues with print quality.

Glad we could help you out, @Thorsten_Sonntag, and thanks for working with us. :slightly_smiling:

Maybe you could also place a note with regarding the warranty at the first page of the updated documents. I am sure somewhere, in a even more less-exciting document, it is written down (by the way, not in the repair terms).

Having a description where to put which screw (maybe also the torque to be applied) would be good because of the fine mechanic of the Form1 housing.

By the way, is there an update of the peel motor exchange instruction available ?

I sent the peel motor installation PDF over by email. Thanks for asking, @Thorsten_Sonntag.

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