Vary Print Locations

Hi Everyone,

I have just started to use PreForm and I would like to ask a simple question: how can I vary my print location?


If I am getting you right, just drag the object around with the mouse.

Thats correct but only if you select “Layout” in the Preform menu then you can move the item anywhere on the build plate and orientate it too.

If you already have supports generated, you can move (and duplicate) the object in LAYOUT. You can also go back to the ROTATE screen and rotate the object around its Z axis without causing the supports to be deleted. If however you attempt to free-rotate the object or rotate it on X or Y any supports that were previously generated will be removed.

I make this mistake a lot, grabbing an object to drag it but instead free-rotating it and losing the supports. Luckily, CTRL-Z undoes the mistake when you make it…

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Hi Everyone,
thank you for your replies.

Hillzzz, thanks I missed that


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