How to rotate a part on a base in Preform 3.13.0

I upgraded to the latest Preform and I’m finding it hard to figure out how to rotate a part that’s already on a support base. If I do it as in older versions it changes the angle of the parts to the base and removes the base and supports. Or, it rotates the part slightly and also removes the base and supports. What’s up with this?

Hey Walter, yes the rotation globe does seem to be far more sensitive about where you grab it. I have experienced the same and use CTRL z to undo when the supports disappear and try again.

I think the problem may be that the ring that you grab does not highlight itself clearly and you may be grabbing the ring behind without realising it.

It is irritating and it used to be less sensitive. Does that make sense?

Yes, Grey, I’m use to the older Preform where it was easy to rotate the parts. I print a lot of very small pieces and usually 6 or so on a strip. I find the do better if orientated horizontal across the build plate. Some times when I open an old project I find the orientation needs rotation. Guess I’ll get use to the new version soon enough.

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