Object place/rotate handling

I would like for a mouse “click and drag” when done on the support material to always be a ‘translate’ (move) on the build area regardless of whether or not I am in ‘Orientation’ or ‘Layout’ mode.  (Logic being that by that time I’ve oriented the part and generated supports, then the next thing I want to do is place it-- just like working through the operations on the tool/button bar in order top to bottom.)

The issue I have is that too often I’m orienting a complex part and generating the support structure (which can take a surprisingly long time now when the printer’s served by an older Windows machine-- so I often leave and come back some time later) and then having lost track of what mode I was using I accidentally try to click and drag the part to position it only to rotate it by mistake.  That results in the freshly generated support structure being removed and ‘undo’ only restores the part orientation, not the supports.  (“lather, rinse, repeat”.)

Since any rotation nukes the support structure and since regenerating it can be quite slow I’d think avoiding its accidental destruction would be A Good Thing.

Possible Band-Aids could be:

  1. undo also restores support structures

  2. for anything but ‘trivial’ models, pop a dialog box confirmation for any operation that would kill the support structure.

  3. click and drag on support material in ‘orientation’ mode switches you to ‘layout’ mode automagically

Personally, I can think of no time that I would ever want to grab and rotate a model (by the support structure), so having that just be a shortcut to translation on the build platform plane might be quite handy and have a lower “damn-it! stupid software!” factor. :wink:

(and please keep the hinge/front labels on screen all the time-- eventually I’ll memorize it, but it’s annoying to have to switch modes to see them and double-check when you’re still getting used to things…)

Thats an interesting perspective.  We always love to hear feedback and new ideas, thanks Clay!