Analyze/copy orientation command and/or Mirror Part

I sort of understand the reasoning why you reset the rotation command but a helpful command would be to select a existing part that one has orientated and have manually edited all the supports and least be able to copy the angles of the existing part I know I twist and turn a part around that the time I am done I don’t remember what my settings were.

Reason I am suggesting this, I do many parts that are mirrored so I have to import each part separately. Would be nice to be able to just mirror the part I have already worked on then if I have to make any edits it would be much faster then starting over from a new import
I Know you can duplicate the existing but being able to mirror would be nice or at least be able to see what the final orientation degrees are.


Yep, still want this feature. I have a project with many symmetrical parts, having to export 50+ pieces for each side is a pain and having to do the supports for them as well. If we could mirror an object then I would only have to do it once.

Ooh, me like. Could that be as simple as allowing the Scale setting to go into negative numbers? You’d mirror something just by scaling it to -1.00!