In the Orientation tab, I’d like a one button mirror (x or y) function to mirror the currently selected model/s. This should mirror the supports with it, if they already exist.



I second this one! This would be a HUGE time saver.

For context: When manually prepping supports for a “right arm” (or leg, etc.,), the time it takes to prep the other side would literally be cut in half. That could be hours of time saved if you are manually building supports on a complex part. (and it would ensure that all the good work you put into building clever supports is not lost when you start again on the opposite part. Otherwise you just have to visually compare what you did on supports and try to manually duplicate it when you make the opposite body part. I’m currently practicing on a “mech” robot leg and the work required to get this whole thing done is daunting (but the results would be worth it).

At a minimum, it would be nice to mirror (modify) the current part along with its supports. But it would ALSO be nice to have a “mirror-copy” option that will create a copy of the currently selected part as a mirror - for cases when you can print both in the same build volume.


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Yes! This would be fine. I need that too.