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Is there a way to copy the orientation of a successful part to a different part of the same dimension? I have a part that prints fine and want to use that same exact orientation for other parts that are almost identical. Is there an easy way?


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All of the rotations are additive so it’s not so easy. Here’s a way to get things close.

  1. Open the original file with the rotation you like.
  2. Open the new part in the same file (I normally pick a base if it’s at some odd angle)
  3. Move (not rotate) the part next to the original.
  4. With the part selected start manually rotating the part into the same/similar orientation by typing in numbers for x, y, z rotation. These are additive so you need to keep a list of each rotation and add them up when finished. So, rotating along X by 20 followed by another rotation of 10 gives a total of 30 degrees for X.
  5. Pull in the new part again and confirm that your rotation still works. Write down the values for all new “similar” parts.

Thanks Fred,

This is mostly what I’ve been doing. I guess now I’m making it a feature request. Seems logical to have this capability built into the software right? I’m also beginning to think people have already been requesting this.

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Probably but it doesn’t hurt to ask again :stuck_out_tongue:
I took the liberty of moving this into the Feature Requests & Ideas category, I hope you don’t mind.

This this one is super annoying AF. especially when you spend some time figuring out the perfect rotation, and them BAM, screws up the whole plate.


As far as I can remember Formlabs is working day and night to implement this feature :wink:

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Nope I don’t mind at all - thank you!

I can only imagine how much they always have on their plate judging by all the comments on this forum. I’m just still simply amazed that this technology works at all!

I’m Sorry if that sounds like judging. It definitely wasn’t ment so. I just wanted to add to the post that Formlabs is already working on that topic. In fact I’m impressed about Formlabs. Thanks a lot!

Didn’t take it that way. : )

I’m usually supportive of Formlabs efforts to improve their products, but to be fair I don’t believe what you are saying is true.

Formlabs probably has plans to implement this feature, but I personally think that they just haven’t gotten around to actually do it at all. The reason why I think that is that it should not be so difficult to implement (much less than cupping and minima detection for example). We already have parametric orientation on 3 axis, the parts are always imported with the same plane parallel to the build platform… what we want is for the angles of the 3 planes of the parts to be stored within the .form file for each part, and to be able to copy/paste these value from one part/file to another. This is literally copy/pasting a few numbers from one file to the other, I can’t believe the software team is working day and night to implement that… What’s happening is they just have other priorities.

Ideally even easier. Get one piece setup with supports and all as you like it, then just duplicate all the data.


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