Auto Orient parts with multiple parts

Hello Formlabs,

I just want to thank your team for all the hard work you guys are putting into this awesome printer. I haven’t received mine yet, as a lot of us are anxiously waiting, but in the mean time I have had some time to play with the preform software. I am trying to align multiple parts on the printing space before the printer even gets here. I have noticed that there is an auto orient for each individual part, but it becomes very hard when using that auto orient with multiple parts. (supports seem to just pierce parts that are in the way)  It would be nice if the program could calculate the optimum part position and orientation to allow them to be printed correctly and stay in the build platform dimensions. This might be a lot to ask for as optimum calculations can take a long time to iterate.

Keep up the good work!


With some manual orientation it does indeed fit with no red areas.