Auto-orientation changes every time

Hello everyone,

I’m struggling to understand how the auto-orientation feature works. I don’t have much experience with our Form 2 machine, but I have some prints to do for a customer. For better results, I decided to use the automatic orientation, but if I try to use this option multiple times (use it, let the software do its calculations, then use it again), the model orientation changes every time.

This seems strange to me. It should calculate the most successful orientation and use it, but that way it seems a bit random. I’m not talking about subtle differences, but rather big ones. One time the model is nearly flat on the build plate and another is almost vertical. The print duration may vary from 3 to 10 hours.

Can someone help me understand it? Because it’s clear I’m missing something :smiley:

Thank you in advance

There can be multiple orientations it considers equally good that it will choose among, so while I see your confusion, this behavior isn’t unexpected.

I have had this too, especially when adding a lot of objects/parts to existing ones already on the build surface, and already oriented and setup for printing. This happens when you add the new part, select the automatic orientation process, it does them all. I did however find my way around this this, I work on each part and set it up, save the file. And then I just add the already setup file to the rest. I know this is a extra step. If you know the orientation that prints best just move the object to that when recalculating for the new part.

The orient tool shouldn’t affect all of the parts in a scene if you have just the one selected. Are you highlighting an individual part and then selecting ‘orient selected’ as compared to ‘orient all’?

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