Random Auto-Orientation

Has anybody else found that the auto-orientation feature never converges on an actual solution?

Each time I press the button I get a new (seemingly random) orientation - below are a couple of the spurious options it has produced, the front of the build tray is always nearest and the hinge side is to the right of the image.

Not only do the generated orientation not fit on the build platform - If I do the orientation manually it does fit with similar build confidence

The orientation also completely ignores the information here (https://support.formlabs.com/entries/23388606-Model-Orientation) regarding the supports heights in relation to the peel/hinge side

Any thoughts/clues?

There is more than one way to print a 3d model. Would you rather have just one choice?

In a word - Yes!

While there may be many ways to print the model there must be a optimum orientation based on whatever the scoring system/algorithm they use (i.e. focus on build quality, predicted volume, time to print etc.) If it is going to give me many options as to how to orientate the model then it should at least give me an indication as to why each orientation is “best” or some way of weighting the outcome to my specifications

That also doesn’t answer why the orientations are larger than the build tray or why the good practice guide isn’t taken into account at all?

I did it manually in the end and got a good level of predicted build quality - needless to say it was in none of the suggested orientations! I’ll update results when its printed