Drag model outside build area in PreForm

It would be handy to be able to add a bunch of models to a print, and then drag all but one into the print area to work on orientation without interference from the other models. I realize I can check/uncheck them, and that’s helpful, but being able to lay the models outside the build platform perimeter and then drag in the one that I want to work with seems intuitive to me. I can’t always remember which filename is the really big part and which, once I have a few pieces laid out, will overlap most of the other pieces I just set up.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey there @horton

Thanks for the suggestion! Obviously no promises, but I’ll make sure this gets in front of our software team. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps related: Being able to copy/paste a pattern of carefully placed parts (without Preform reshuffling their relative positions) would also be helpful. Seems like an obvious one as well, but for some reason has been overlooked to date.


This. I regularly have to place 60 to 90 small parts on a single platform. The automatic layout doesn’t work very well(not as efficient as manually placing them). They are also usually multiple models in quantity of 10 which I like to group. But when you do automatic placement, it scatters them over the whole platform.

As of PreFrom 3.2.0, you can copy/paste groups of parts. You can also array parts in a rectangular grid.

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Thanks! Is this the right url for Release Notes? It’s coming up blank for me: https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/PreForm-Release-Notes?language=en_US

z axis? I want to fill cube with my models and then generate supports?

Also saving hidden or not selection would be awesome to include with this.