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I have seen asking prices range from $1500 to $5500 in the for-sale ads for the Form1+'s now that the Form2 is on the market. I work and run a business in similar electronics markets, and the rule of thumb over here is that used electronics are worth half-of-new if there is a newer model, and if they work. Applying that logic to the Form1+ means the base value is $1650. If you want to sell it fast, go a little lower. If you want to be optimistic, go a bit higher and be prepared to wait for just the right buyer. Hope this helps.

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Useful to know Josh, thanks. I assume that jumps across currency barriers? I’d be considering selling in £££ :smile:

Other things equal, yes.

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Cheers. Gives me a good baseline to determine if I want to make the jump.

As reference, I consider my January 2015 form1+ (with few new tanks and platforms) to have a value of 1800 EURO … I am stil undecided if to sell it and get the form2. It is likely though.

Things are worth whatever people will pay for them, Form1+ is still a great printer, I think it’s probably worth more than half

Totally, but at what point do they just pay a little more for new and improved? Here is are the results of the latest Form1+'s SOLD on ebay right now:
The average is $1699. That is only $49 over my formula. And most of those sales included extra tanks and resin. So my estimation is dead on. Not bad. I hadn’t even checked ebay before posting my formula. And time will only build confidence in the new model and make the old model feel older.

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Over time of course, but I think people can ask for more than that. There’s the one guy there who had it buy it now for $1,000 which clearly was way below value. In general it looks like if you want to sell it you can probably sell for at least $2,000 unless your printer doesn’t come with any resin/trays or it has an issue.
I think that’s still a good value compared to the Form2–you save $1,500 for something that’s still great

Is Formlabs doing any TRADE IN program for Form1 to new Form2?

Not in the UK.

Yea he is kinda low, he must have been in a hurry. If we take the lowest and highest prices off that list the average is $1771 with accessory value still attached.

You are probably right that we are running a bit high right now since the Form2 has not started shipping. And there are no reviews.

The real power in this formula is just to peak into the future. Not only the Form1+ future, the Form2 future. Let’s say you are a designer that spent $1200 last year on hiring someone to 3D print my models. Will buying your own printer save you money? Well the Form2 sells for $3500. There could be a new model in 2 years, or my needs may change by then. So let’s use 2 years and my formula. In 2 years you can sell your used Form2 for $1750. I can see it depreciates $875 per year. That’s the value that is so hard to know without the formula. Now that leaves me $325 per year to buy resin and supplies with. If that’s enough resin, there’s no cost at all for the Form2. You are simply doing your printing in-house. So whip out the credit card and don’t hesitate!

Don’t forget the learning curve and post processing skills, in many ways a small design company is still better off buying the service in from small business’s like us.

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For value–if you need to use something like 2L of resin, then you save by buying the printer since that much volume and material would be more than the cost of the printer if you compare to something like Shapeways or like a Projet service

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