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Form 1+ printer value?

Hi all, I’m thinking of selling my Form 1+ printer and wanted to get an idea of what it is worth. It has 3x resin tanks (2 used + 1 NIB), two build platforms and several partial bottles of Formlabs resins (now several years old) and 1 full bottle of MakerJuice wax casting resin. Is there still any demand for this printer, now that it has been discontinued?

A really personal opinion.
Is is difficult to say, as being a closed system it depends a lot on Formlabs support, or the love to hack it.
For me a Form1 is an interesting piece to hack, modify and try to convert to an open system. And to refurnish the tanks in house. That means is interesting but involves high risk and work, and that reduces the price for me
Good luck

Thanks Jorge, I appreciate your reply.

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