Using two hinges to open the cover, instead of one

the cover seems moving to the sides while opening and closing, it gives a cheap feel

I suggest using two hinges, one each side, instead of one at the center of the cover

I agree with this. My cover arrived all bent. I had to bend it back into place, but it still doesn’t close flush on one side. The printer works great, so I didn’t want to risk sending it back.

If your cover feels loose or misaligned, you can realign and tighten it using a 2.5 mm allen key. The 4 screws that attach the hinge itself on the back and the 4 screws that attach the hinge mount bracket to the top surface of the shell are the screws to adjust. You can loosen and re-tighten them while adjusting the position of the cover (check in the open and closed positions). Most times, if the cover feels wobbly it’s just a screw that has loosened.

Actually I’d really like it to open like those helmets in the Stargate movie!!! But two hinges would be better to I guess.