Using a UV light to check and clean up spills and such

I got some UV lights to try and help cure my prints though I’m not really sure they are strong enough to cure the resin much. Anyway while trying to setup to cure some resin I realized that since the resin seems to really glow in the UV if I turn off the rest of the lights in the area it’s really easy to see even the smallest little spots and crumbs laying around. I also think it makes for some cool pictures. Tossed some red/blue 3d versions in just for fun.

I was also thinking this might be a good way to see when to change the rinsing bath. Notice how much the rinse tub glows compared to the squirt bottle. I’m not sure at what point to empty it and start fresh. Maybe if we were to take images of our rinse tubs in UV and note when they need to be changed we could come up with an easy to follow visual guide for when to swap it out?

You can see in the 2nd picture my zip lock back with some contaminated waste. I’m also wondering if I let the paper towels and stuff sit in the sun would they cure and be safe to throw out in the regular trash instead of taking them for hazardous waste disposal?

That’s good to know, especially the part about how to check the bath tank. Thanks for sharing.