Blacklight Flashlight ti Inspect Platform for Resin

Has anyone used a UV(black-light) flashlight to inspect the platform for resin after cleaning? (They are 5-6USD on Amazon)

FL SUPPORT - Have you?

I have noticed significant amounts of remaining resin around the adjoining edges of the aluminum and plastic as well as in the trough / dip lip at the top of the platform using this tool.

@PaulFinelt I have not done that with ours, i am curious as to what @FL SUPPORT says…has this correlated to bad prints for you?

Using a UV light will definitely highlight the resin due to the fluorescence of the resin under UV. I would, however, advise against using a UV light on a wet build platform as the UV light will start to cure the resin onto the platform.

If there is cured resin on the platform plate, it may create an uneven surface which could affect the adherence of prints. It’s always a good idea to scrape the plate before of cured resin before each print. A build platform with uncured resin will not affect your prints. Even a small amount of uncured resin will be fine even when changing to a tank with a different material.