Resin trapped in platform

I noticed the resin gets trapped inside the platform between prints.
Which makes me think that it may not be a good idea switch resins right away For now I only have grey, but I am looking to get clear in the near future in addition to black. For now I am just letting the platform sit on a paper towel over night to let the resin drip out.

I am thinking of a way to seal the edge where the metal (aluminum) plate meets the plastic. Maybe with some silicone? Any thoughts?

I think that’s an excellent idea.

This happened to me with the old platform, but not the new one. I imagine it was defective. The resin would leak out even from the bolt areas.

What old platform? As is you had an original platform and now you have a new one? or are you talking about REVs here?

I mean the platform that came with my printer vs the second one that I bought separately. Same version.

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