Are there platform issues with the form1?

Our build platform casing has warped after 30 hours and pulled away from the platform allowing the resin to get inside the build platform.  Has anyone else experienced this?


I had similar issues with one of my platforms. Resin got inside and was trapped, then slowly seeps out, even from where the bolts are. I let Form Labs know about this, and they said it shouldn’t affect the print. No replacement was offered.

I had to disassemble it, clean the inside and tighten the screws. It helped a little but not all the way. I now just use that platform for experimenting with other resins.

The casing has warped on all 4 sides.  All screws are tight.  Any additional tightening risks damage.  Thank you for the hints and for taking the time to respond.

Austin, you should open up a support ticket with this – and I’ll make a note of your damage as well, Monger. That’s definitely not expected and you shouldn’t have to modify or open your platform. We’re always working to improve all of our components, so your feedback is useful. Thanks.