Wash and UV lights

Has anyone tried putting UV lights into the lid of a Wash?

There are lots of suggestions on the internet, mostly from hobbyists with cheap Chinese printers, that say that IPA can be cleaned by just placing the cleaning bucket out in the sun. I’m a bit sceptical of this myself because every time I’ve tried it the IPA turn into a solid gel. But I suspect that if there was less than a certain about of resin dissolved in the IPA it would tend not to form long crosslinks which result in a gel but the small clumps that people are reporting.

So the idea is that the IPA in the Wash should be irradiated with UV after each wash so that any dissolved resin becomes solidified and falls to the bottom of the tank. The tank would still have to be cleaned out to remove the resin, but, if this works, it would massively extend the like of the IPA.

As someone who had to deal with cheap Chinese printers that others thought would be useful here (now gone, thank god), I can say that yes, UV will precipitate any suspended resin. We’ve done this to recover IPA by setting the tank in a window sill. But you need constant exposure. Clever idea to have it in the wash. The lights would have to be on at all times. Maybe a limit switch to turn them off when the lid opens.