DIY : UV curing system

There is sticky residual resin even after washing using isopropyl alcohol. So, I made my own UV curing system(machine?) using UV bulb(40W).


My own UV curing system also has turn table(powered by solar energy), so the 3D printing output can be cured evenly.
Using this UV curing system, post-curing process takes about 40min to 1 hour.

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Nice work! I made a similar one out of an old aquarium and filled it with aluminium sheet metal. Seems to work perfectly, however curing clear resin with a lamp makes it very yellow while cuing it in daylight makes the clear resin a more natural color.

So it’s perfect for the grey and black resin. White is a tricky one as well.

I do like the turntable idea though! I should make one of those as well :slight_smile:

Yes, cured resin by UV lamp is so yellowish, that is one problem. Recent day formlabs announced new clear resin(version 2) which fixed yellowish color problem, so I will experiment curing test by version 2 clear resin.

Nice job. Can the UV light bulb (220V) in your project work in the US? I assume mostly in the US, we use 110V.
Also, does 40W get too hot that it could melt the 3D print?

I bought this item from Aliexpress.

3U UV Black Light Bulbs UV Bulbs UV light fluorescence detection experimental stage lighting170v-240v

It didin’t get too hot during UV curing. It just warm feeling, not hot feeling :smile: