Use with USB extender

Yea it sounds like they are using some sort of virtual USB after the data gets piped into the computer. Mine was a hardware only solution that was just recognized as a generic USB hub. I don’t have it anymore, but a search on Google Images gave me something that looks just like it.

Bingo again! You’re on a roll. AFAICT they are attaching to WinUSB, which if I understand it from a glance at the API, is a generic HID interface that is either not fully implemented by MS, or available functionality is not being taken advantage of by FL (or probably both).

This page, and this section in particular could be of interest:

This too:

I would assume the model they are using is smilar to “instance 1”.

@Michael_Curry My offer still stands - I’ll mail in my extender to you tomorrow if you send me your address.


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What needs to modified?

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