Are we able to connect to the printer via network cable?

My computer with the Preform software is no where near the printer.
Are we able to connect to the printer via a network cable?

I did find this:
is a USB to Gigabit ethernet adapter the answer or am I barking up the wrong tree

That is essentially a network card that is connected via USB port. This is not going to get where you are trying to get. I have seen a few threads about folks looking for wireless options, but have not seen anything definitive.

I bought a tripplite USB over CAT5 which does not work with the Form1+, but works great with my HP2820 multifunction four color laser printer (scanner, copier, printer). The Form1+ appears to use a very simplistic WinUSB driver that does not play well with USB extenders. Do not waste your time like I did. In the end, I have to stretch a cable while uploading, then disconnect it.

I use this device, which works like a charm!

I bought it over here (at a Dutch web shop):

I’ve never had an issue with it. It works as advertised! :wink:


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