Use Form1+ resin in Form2

Hello all,
I have a bottle of clear resin for Form1/1+ unopened. Can I use it in the Form2? Can I just refill the resin tank with it and carry on printing?


Formlabs will caution you on refilling the resin tank. But, I had half a bottle of clear left over from my Form 1 and added that to a nearly empty tank of the same type. Worked fine.

The issue with refilling the cartridges too often is the bite valve they use for filling. It will eventually wear out and fail causing a big mess.

OK. I’ll give it a try. THanks!!!

Using the resin to ‘prime’ and empty tank or using it in Open Mode is the safest option. Re-filling cartridges is usually what we caution against. The bite valve that dispenses resin will reliably hold up for the liter of resin in a cartridge by default, but if you extend that volume by re-filling cartridges, it can weaken the bite valve.

Hi Frew, it should be fantastic that Formlabs could share stl of bite valve, maybe anyone could print it with elastic resin and try.
Do you know if Formlabs have tried it?

I believe other users have found replacement valves on amazon but I can’t attest to how well they work. I’d be tentative to try and print one because it’s very important to match material properties as to get consistent flow rates.

The only use case for re-filling a cartridge is when you do have bottled resin that you want to automatically dispense. In this case, it’s often easiest to re-fill a tank as to not risk wearing the bite valve. Unfortunately, replacing the bite valve or re-filling the cartridge sometimes motivates more risky behavior like filling the cartridge with 3rd party resin which can cause severe overflows and failures. This is much of the reason why we err away from recommending replacing the bite valve or re-filling cartridges.

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