Universal Cartridge

Hi all

I recently bought Form 3 and I’m thinking to use ALW resins.
To do this I will use the universal cartridge.

Anyone has experience with it? Is is recomended?
As the printer connected always to the network, will it inform Formlabs that a non-original resin is used? and what is their approach about it?

Thanks all

Should be fine.

I have a couple and used them fine on both Form2/3.

Just need to watch the rubber valve of your cartridge. After a while of using. it may get old fail off and all the resin will drown your printer.

As an alternative you can put your ALW resin in an empty formlabs resin cartridge.

As long as there is reasonably close alternative between your resin choice and some formlabs resin, I find this works well.

This helps avoid the valve problem that ashtree mentioned. The downside is you do have to occasionally purchase formlabs resins.

There are aftermarket bite valves for sale so you can replace them once in a while.

This only works for less than 1 liter of resin.
Buy the aftermarket valves and replace them every 3 liter or so and it’s cheaper than refilling used cartridges.

Who sells the aftermarket bite valves?

I suppose one could try printing them out of Flex80, as well.

My impression is you can use more than 1 liter of resin in a used cartridge. I suspect the figure is closer to 2L or 3L. I haven’t had a resin cartridge become unusable, yet.

You can get chinese ones on aliexpress and amazon(search for bite valve).
The company “CamelBak” is manufacturing the bitevalve that Formlabs is using. They are used for water bottles. Dimensions are exactly the same.

I’ve seen people print the valves as well, this works too!

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Thanks all