Use bottle resin with Form 2?

Hello, I am planing on selling my Form 1+ and get a Form 2 but I am wondering if I should just keep my current bottle resins and use it with the Form 2 in ‘Open Mode’ ? Does that mean we can pour the resin into one of the new cartridges or we have to just pour into the tray directly? I rather not have to pour directly in the tray. Are there generic cartridges for use with 3rd party/bottle resin or do the 3rd party resins come in their own cartridges already?

If it is the same resin as what is in the cartridges I rather not sell at a loss just to buy more resin in a different container.

thanks for any info - Bill

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Open mode isn’t available yet (I asked a few days ago). The new cartridge system doesn’t support refilling - open mode will be just like the form1, manually pouring material into the vat or so I an led to believe.

Just a quick clarification: cartridges do support refilling from a bottle. The printer will detect and alert you of an empty cartridge when the tank no longer detects additional resin during the dispense. If you add resin to the cartridge, it will continue dispensing until no more resin is available.

To pour from a bottle into the cartridge, you would need to unscrew and remove the top vent cap. Note that you will need a cartridge of the same resin type, since each cartridge is programmed for the printer to confirm that the tank and cartridge contain the same type of resin. Be careful not to overfill the cartridge and leave some space for airflow. We would not recommend doing this while the cartridge is installed in the Form 2.

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Jason, just wanted to chime in since I had previously told you that this was unsupported…but there have been changes. However, as Stephen mentioned, you should proceed with caution so as not to cause issues from overfilling or clogging.


Im pouring resin from bottles that I had from my Form 1+ into my Form 2 carts. Very happy about that as I have 7 bottles of unused resin :smile:

Do you need to wait for the form2 cartridges to be empty before you start to refill or can you top up as and when?

Not at all, just refill whenever you want. You can also fill up a new tank before you start a print as well. Serious peace of mind if you have a large print to do :smile:

So with the chip on the resin cartridge does the printer record how much resin it has used for each print. ie, hypothetically you do 4 prints at 200ml and the 5th print is 250ml so it will flag it needs replacing mid print??

The above scenario would be perfect but I suspect the chip/printer will only tell you it’s clear or black etc!?


Will, the printer will be able to tell when the cartridge is out of resin. When it is no longer able to auto refill the tank…the printer will pause the print and a new cartridge will have to be inserted.


Print settings are resin specific and ID chips contain resin type, so make sure that whatever resin you are pouring in is an exact match for what was in the cartridge. I am glad you guys have an avenue to use bottles of resin w/ the cartridges :slight_smile: .

I’m planning on trying a third party flexible resin and was wondering if I would need to insert a flexible resin cartridge and new resin vat, or if I just adjust the settings in preform and leave the grey cartridge and grey assigned resin vat in the form 2?

When Open Mode is released…it will disable the level sense and auto fill features. Having a cartridge inserted won’t effect the printer in this state.


Thanks Jory. Any idea on timescale for open mode release as I was hoping to run some tests in the next 2-3 weeks for a job for a client?

Jason, I’m not entirely sure about the timeline for Open Mode, but I’ve heard it’s due to be released fairly soon. If I hear anything more specific from software, I will definitely update you.


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Thanks Jory for your answer.

I will also wait for the openmode to use the remainung bottles from the form1+


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We’ve just posted more information on our new Open Mode feature:


Hi Jory

Thanks. I waited for the openmode to use formlabs bottleresin from the form1+. Now we have openmode without wiper and heating !?


Sacha, if you are looking to use bottled resin…you can actually refill a cartridge if the resin types are the same. This would probably be the easiest method to use your bottled material.