Questions on Form2

I saw its working with cartridges now. Can we still put pigment in our resin for custom resin colour? Its what I do regularly on my prints! Another question is how fast can the form2 print since the peeling process takes longer does it?

There seems to be a mode that permits experimenting with your resins per the introductory content on the website.

Yes, as Bill said there is an “Open Mode” allowing for manual pouring. The speed of the Form 2 is about the same as the Form 1+ at the moment.


My guess is that you could still pour your resin into the tray instead of using a cartridge, or you could possibly clean out a cartridge and put your own resin in there.

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@Zachary_Brackin I just watched the presentation of the form2 and you are right. Its possible to just pour the resin into the tray like before.

If I consume say an entire Clear cartridge, could I then repurpose it for a third party or mixed resin?


Justin - the cartridges are regulated by the printer and adding resin to one will confuse the printer. This opens up the danger of overfilling the tank and spilling resin into the machine.

Early feature request. Refill option for the cartridge that allows the settings to be reset.

This could be returning the original cartridges for refill or an end user option for refills including third party resins.

I can see your point, but suspect my mess probability is lower if I’m using a cartridge and letting the printer feed the resin tray than if I’m filling the resin tray directly. With the sealed optics in the Form 2, I suppose that the risk of getting resin in the interior or on a mirror is mostly eliminated so I guess it’s not that big a deal. My one attempt at using a third party resin was not really all that inspiring, so it is not the kind of thing I’m going to be doing right out of the box regardless.

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