Usb connectivity woes

My form 2 has always printed marvelously, but USB connectivity has always been a hassle. Nothing seems to help this issue… I have tried uninstalling old versions of preform, and this seemed to help for a while, but no matter what I do, I always end up back where I started. I always end up unplugging the printer’s power and USB cables, restarting preform, and restarting my computer, until I find the magic combination that allows me to connect. No single combination of actions works reliably.

Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone found a solution (some background process that needs to be stopped, etc.)?

I am using the latest software and firmware, and my computer runs WIndows 10.


Try a different USB port on your computer. I have an F1+, not an F2, but if the F2 is USB2, use a USB2 port. If it’s USB3, use a USB3 port.
In any event, simply re-plugging the USB should be sufficient to ‘jiggle-the-handle’ in all but fubar’d computer USB port or damaged cable cases.

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