Uploads to print remote but does not show or start

Print finishes uploads from preform, shows message to track print but does not start or show on dashboard.

System info:
Form3 early 2019, latest preform revision.
Logged in to dashboard and preform, both linked.
Printer shows up in both and settings are the same, eg resin type.
Printer is showing as primed and remote print enabled in dashboard and preform
Printer has more than enough resin than is needed for the job (0.9L left, job is 69ml)

Its really annoying as we are partly working from home and don’t want to go in just to set the print going.

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Update: Printer does not show or do anything, just shows the ‘primed status display’. What we notice is that if after its uploaded via dashboard, although dashboard show nothing but ‘primed’, nothing queue, if we unprime then prime printer it starts printing imediately, no waiting for a file to be downloaded to the printer so we assume it has been downloaded to the printer but some bug is stopping it from starting until we unprime / reprime it.

I double check firmware on printer and Preform software, everything is on the latest version.



p.s. its also still really annoying!

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