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Form 3 upload print remotely, but nothing happens?

Hey all, I have a form 3+ at my workshop, and when i slice a model at home and send it to the printer, it shows properly primed, and ready for a print, the upload works great, and i get a prompt to ‘track the print online’ but that button doesnt seem to do anything.

then when i arrive at the workshop, the printer has not started anything, and there are no files appearing in the queue. the apparent upload did not work at all. this has repeated several times and i have no idea why its not sending the files to the printer, nor showing anything in the online dashboard.
I also see that the history of prints is mismatched on my printer vs the online dashboard.

I know the printer is online and reporting properly, because when i view it at home and it is NOT primed, it shows that, then when i prime the printer, the online dashboard updates properly to reflect that prime, but uploading print files does nothing.

anyone have any idea why?

I’m having the exact same issue. Haven’t been able to print anything yet.

Hi, it looks like this was due to a bug in Dashboard - could you try uploading a remote print again? Everything should be up and running normally now, so you shouldn’t see any more upload issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!