Upload to Dashboard but don't print yet using Preform?

Hi, I just set up my Form 2 today and I have a print going on it right now. I’ve got another batch all set up in Preform and I want to upload it to Dashboard so I can start that print later.

The only option I see in Preform is “Print” which makes it seem like it will start the print immediately on the printer.

I can “Save As…” a .form file so I can upload it later. Is there a way to upload to Dashboard so I can start the print later? Not sure what the right workflow is to stage a next print while one is running.


“Print” in the file menu uploads the form file to the printer’s queue. Clinking on the orange button in the top left of the window has the same effect. Prints are started from the list on the printer’s screen.

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Thank you!

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