"Unknown Consumable Removed" ...?

Got that message a couple of minutes ago from a printer that is currently printing.

We have three Form 2s in a row, the left hand one was printing, Right hand and middle were idle. I was getting ready to run a print in the middle machine. I lifted the resin cartridge from the middle machine to gauge its weight/fill level and saw the subject line warning pop up on the printer that was printing (Left hand side).

Did the active printer somehow sense that I had removed the cartridge from the middle printer ?

Never saw that warning before nor do I remember any post on the forum mention it.

Any ideas ? BTW the Active printer went right on printing…??

The printers aren’t quite sentient enough to communicate with each other yet. This sounds like it might have been random chance with the cartridge possibly having poor contact with the reader on the left printer. If you continue noticing cartridge removed messages while printing, get in touch with our support team so that we can help troubleshoot.

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