Miscelaneous weirdnesses

Hi !

My Form 2 has had some strange behavior lately :

-In the middle of a print, it suddenly displayed a message stating that there were no resin cartridge.
I lifted the cartridge a bit and put it back in place, then it was fine.

-I sent a job to the printer, and the printer screen displayed an empty print volume ; the 3D image of the parts was not there
I still carried on and the parts printed fine.

-When trying to send a print, I get a message in preform stating that the printer’s tank is missing but it’s not.

I’ve had to carefully clean the contacts before to make this go away. Both the Printer side and the tray side.

Glad these haven’t kept you from printing!

The cartridge and tank read errors often have to do with poor contact between the leads on the printer and the chips on the cartridge and tank. Our support team has steps for improving the contact between the printer and consumables and a member of our team will be in touch with you over email.

The empty visualization can sometimes be caused by a faulty connection when uploading a print. Oftentimes, re-uploading a print will correct this but let our team know if it persists.

Dear Frew,

I also seem to have the "missing cartridge’ error. It has changed a 15 hour build to a 26 hour build unfortunately. It wouldn’t be a bad idea imo to have a support page where the fixes for these problems are open to read for everyone. Eventho I’m sure FredB got great support and a fix for his problem, others like me are still looking for answers as it was resolved through email.

Kind regards,

Lorenzo Asselman

We are continuously expanding and improving support pages so that users have a resource for first troubleshooting steps. Here’s the page that details first steps for missing cartridge errors.

If those don’t seem to correct things for you, it’s best to open up a ticket with our support team. We’ll work to identify the specific cause of your issue and determine next steps for having it fixed.

Thanks Frew, that link is all I wanted to see :slight_smile:
Now when people visit the thread, they know where to go and do not have to bother support or make a new post about this problem anymore. (unless the fixes on the page didn’t help ofcourse)

Kind regards,


Thanks for the feedback! Much of our motivation for expanding the support pages is so that we can provide a centralized place for troubleshooting steps so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more resources like these on the forums :slight_smile:

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