Universal Resin Tank question

I purchase what I thought was a standard FL resin tank that had been converted to a Universal tank with the addition of the custom electronics. Well that’s what was picture on the company website.

Yesterday I got a package from the Netherlands and it is 7.5"x6"x4" way too small for a resin tank. I haven’t opened it yet but expect it’s just the electronics kit. I didn’t expect a kit as I thought that was another product and you had the option of the converted tank or the kit and I chose the converted tank.

Has anyone else purchased one and what did you receive?

Could you include a link to the purchase page? I’ve never heard of this.

Oh, is this for the resin cartridges, i.e. the device to get the printer to think you’ve inserted a formlabs resin cartridge?

My impression is they offer two products: (1) just the electronics that you install yourself in a formlabs resin cartridge or (2) the electronics pre-installed in a formlabs resin cartridge.

Just be careful as they show the cartridge but the selection shown is the kit to convert a cartridge. Need to do the drop-down.