Form 2 Universal Resin Tank Questions

  1. Has anyone on here purchased and is using one of these Universal Resin Tanks adapters?

  2. Can this adapter be used with more than one tank or must it be purchased for each one?

  3. If so, how long will the converted tanks last? I realize this is a mod to FL tanks but the dispensing tube and foam valve failures have been an issue with some users so I suspect these have a life expectancy.

  4. Using such a tank can the heater be turned off? I find I get a lot more life out of the resin trays if the heater is turned off when using 3rd party resins.

As I’m informed that the issue I’m having with AWL resin is because the wiper is inactive in Open Mode. The wiper is said to put some oxygen into the resin film on the resin tray window thus keeping the hardened resin from sticking hard when the build plate is lifted thus not pulling the PDMS layer up and distorting it which can cause print failure.

If you are referring to the universal cartridge product produced by one of our community members I can provide some insight.

  1. yes you could but it would require dismantling the cartridge and then resecuring it to your other cartridge. (more trouble than what its worth) I would recommend just getting a separate cartridge if you don’t feel like draining the cartridge each time you want to switch resins. I usually only print in ALW Grey so one is good for me. I might get a second just because.

  2. My converted cartridge seems to be lasting over 1 liter of resin but I’m still not through a full liter yet. Once it starts to seem like its getting low its a pretty easy process to click the button and reset it all over again so not a big deal.

haven’t had any issues with failures of the valve and when I sense an issue I’ve got plenty of spares from other cartridges I can use.

  1. I believe you can just start the print earlier to not run the heater (in open mode) usually it will ask if you want to wait for the heater. if you say start now I’m pretty sure the heater doesn’t turn on at all.

I am also using LT tanks FYI

Corbin from ProtoART has been in contact with me. I will be doing some texting with him on the Universal conversion.

For me to make the switch at this time would be expensive. I don’t have any of the empty resin tanks on hand, threw them out as I didn’t have a need at the time. So I would have to buy 2 tanks of FL Grey Resin, use that, to get empty tanks. Then purchase two of the converter kits. Total cost by the time I get done will be close to $500. I can buy a lot of trays for that.
I use from 4 to 6 liters of resin a month.

With this amount of resin a month I’m concerned about having to buy more FL resin in order to get more resin tanks. That’s running the costs up way too high.
I’m a 76 year old retiree. I run Rusty Stumps Scale Modes as a supplement income business. So every penny counts. Thee is a LOT of competition out there so costs are a big factor to watch. This is not a hobby for me, but a job. [grin]

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Is Corbin no longer selling the assembled cartridges ? That’s what I purchased and run.

I don’t know, I haven’t talked with him yet. I didn’t see them on the website though. Fact it was hard to find the conversion kit.

Well, I need to get busy, just had the second cracked resin tray that leaked resin in the printer. This is getting to be the normal right now. I have a liter of Digital Forge Gray resin coming in. Just got off the phone with Brian. We’ll see if that improves the issues I’m having.

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