Is Form 2 Resin not included with printer purchase?

About to purchase a Form 2 and noticed that the little drop down in the cart which lists whats included doesn’t mention a cartridge of resin. I would assume that the printer would include everything you need to get started, is this not the case?

No it does not come with the resin. I made the same assumption as you did and later had to order a cartridge of grey standard. I’d recommend you to order one resin tank LT as soon as you order a printer because standard tray will last you one liter of resin. Maybe two.

They make quite a few different resins.
They have no way of knowing which resin a purchaser might prefer… so instead they sell the printer at a slightly lower cost and you pick the resin you want to start with.

That’s kind of disappointing. For a product that expensive you’d think they’d at the VERY least include a smaller sample bottle to get you started. I placed the order anyway hoping maybe they glanced over the resin. Also ordered an extra tank because I had planned to test and compare the ApplyLabWork Modeling Plus resin as an alternative option. Now it looks like i’ll be starting out with that instead of the FL resin.

Makes sense.

But at the same time it seems like a bit of a lame move on their part considering the price of their product. If they really cant afford to take a loss on 1 liter of resin per new customer then I think it would be a better option to just bump the price back up and have a drop down menu or something where you get to pick which standard resin you want them to include.

Not that big of a deal anyway, just thought it was a bit odd.

1 liter of resin and a tank used to be included for free in the past… You could pick any color standard resin.

Lol. Well I guess now they’re getting stingy with the juice XD

Hi everyone,

I am Sebastian and am running the Services team globally and wanted jump in here:

In the past, we have included a cartridge of standard resin in the printer package but the package was about $150 more expensive (so the equivalent of a cartridge of standard resin). Since we have been releasing more and more engineering and other specialty resin, lots of customers have contacted us who don’t need any of our standard resins. So, instead of forcing them to buy a package with a standard resin that they won’t use anyways, we have decided to remove the resin from our standard package and give our customers the option to pick whatever resin they’d like.

I agree that we didn’t make that clear enough but I hope my explanation makes sense to you. I think that the drop-down menu is a great idea and we will definitely look into that.

We are always open for feedback!


Good move! Indeed, I paid 134 euro more for my package.
All makes sense. :slight_smile:

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