Unexpected 3D stripes on my print

Hi everyone !

I’ve a problem. There are some kind of unexpected 3D stripes on my print. It is only related to the text, as you can see on the following link (download the pictures):


Here is the project on PreForm:

Another good thing to know is that my Resin tank is getting old and opaque on certain areas.

Can anyone tell me why it happens and how to fix it ?

Thank you !

Make sure that the text meshes intersect the main block mesh, meaning you don’t want the faces on the bottom of the text to be coplanar with the surface of the block, it needs to go a bit into it a bit.
Also, you need to angle the object a bit so it starts at one corner, and then you can also use fewer supports. You probably don’t need so many supports and you can get good results by arranging them in a uniform pattern along the underside of the print.


As @Zachary_Brackin mentioned, this looks like coplaner surfaces. You can find another thread on the topic here!

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