Print has ridges that are not found on the original file

Hi All,

I keep getting strange ridge artifacts when I print. The ridges are not found in the file has anyone found a solution to this?
I have seen several threads pop for the same issue since 2015 but none have any answers or solutions.

I am printing these using:

Formlabs Castable Resin (fresh bottle)
Fresh resin tray
Form 2
preform set to 0.05 resolution
standard settings all around

In the photograph, you can see the ridges on right print:

Those details in the print need to make sure that they’re intersecting a little bit with the coin surface. In other words, make sure that the faces of those details are not in the exact same location as the surface of the coin. Things that should be printed as a single object should intersect a little.

The thread that @reinerbenz linked is a great resource for starting out with troubleshooting this. Coplaner faces that aren’t unioned together can cause artifacts like this. If you’d like, I can take a look at the STL files to determine if that’s what’s happening here.

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I am having this exact same issue, so far i have tried new resin, new resin trays.

I have a lot of problems with lines like the ones in the photo below but they usually go all the way across one of the flat surfaces. The two vertical lines are part of the model.

Screenshot from 2017-10-17 20-12-06

It looks like the orientation of the model could be a factor here. You should check out our video on model orientation which goes through tips for getting the best prints out of your machine. It this hollowed out by chance? It’s a bit tricky to tell from the image.

I joined everything into a single object and tried it again, results were much better. I must have had some parts which were coplanar.

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