Turnaround times? How long is the wait between sending the Form1 out and receiving it back?

Looks like my Form1 has to go in for repair. Any return veterans want to chime in on how long it took to get yours back after sending it in for service? Was it fixed first time out? Who has had to return their printer more than once, twice? Would you get another?

I’m on my 3rd replacement, I’m UK based and it took about 6 weeks for the 1st replacement and about 4 weeks for the second. I’ll see how long the 3rd one lasts, but I have to say that although when it works the quality is excellent, the reliability issues have put me off considering buying another. I think I would rather save and get an envisiontec ultra. I was considering a Solidator but don’t want to take the risk with another unknown product

Well, Unit went back to Formlabs. Total time without printer was two weeks. Not bad however it would have been sooner if it shipped when they said it would. Overall i was pleasantly surprised but it was the longest two weeks ever!