Tray isn't secure

First time posting… hello everyone!

Don’t know the correct names of the parts of the printer, but basically the mounting for the entire glass window / tray assembly wiggles side-to-side about 2mm. Some screw might be loose? Has anyone encountered this issue and know how to fix it?


Hi tinycrab,

Welcome to the forums! I would create a support case with our support team with photos and a video of this behavior - we have a dedicated support team who will be able to investigate and look into this further for you.

Sometimes the little tabs on the bottom of the print tray can snap off due to fatigue over time. I’d check to see if those are still in place. Otherwise the screws on the gear rack inside the printer that moves the tray back and forth could be loose.

Hi @tinycrab,

I just wanted to jump in to share a word of caution. Please avoid adjusting the printer’s tank carrier screws as this can cause print issues and skew factory calibration (see Why can’t I remove my Form 2 tank carrier?). While this behavior may be normal, sharing a video with our Support team would be the best way to narrow this down.

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