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Just wanted to say that I’ve had another tray crack issue and so raised a ticket, the crack resulted in a loss of resin outside the printer this time, hard lesson learned from the first tray crack. Giorgio from Berlin Customer Care has been fantastic, he’s an asset to Formlabs.

Great job.

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@digitalDougie, I have started storing my resin outside the tray for this reason.

I purchased paper cones and funnels from Amazon, and store the resin in plastic paint containers purchased from a paint supply. I keep these in a cabinet away from light. It’s a little more hassle, but apparently the castable resin is pretty caustic and will cause the tray to crack. My process now if I’m not going to print for more than a day is to place a paper cone in the paint container, and pour the resin through the cone out the back spout of the tray. I use the putty knife (included with printer) to clean the resin off the “rubber” layer on the bottom of the tray. I store it in these paint containers.

At first I dreaded filtering resin, but have found that this process seems to produce better, cleaner results on all my prints, as there are no “flakes” in the tank…ever. I don’t mind it now.


I had sent this list to someone in a private message, but this might be helpful:
Paint Container:
Paint Filter:
Paint Funnels:

I know that Amazon is a different site in Europe, but at least you can see what I’m using.

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Thanks for the replies and links @katkramer, I’ll give this a try. I wondered if the specific gravity of castable was different & there was more pressure being put on the tray by the build platform as a result, however, chemical reaction makes sense. I was also advised to keep checking the ball spring plungers that hold the tray in place don’t get stuck.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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