Translucid printed teeth. Exocad library

Hi all,

I’m searching 5 Alpha testers for my new kind of teeth’s library.

It will be a special one, with reductions for 3D printing (it should be the only way to make these teeth).

The goal of this kind of infrastructure, is to get fastly and easily, translucent printed teeth, for temporary dentures, immediate loadings on abutments, aso …

Simply design the denture, then load reductions, and teeth are ready to be printed. You, then, only have to fill inside with fluid composite.

This kind of library, should be usefull when C&B (Crowns & Bridges) formlabs resin, will be avaible.

Feel free to comment, share, testers will be selected this week end.

upper : Sketchfab
lower : Bas - 3D model by bdprotheses [239f95a] - Sketchfab

Only .eoff will be used by testers before the final release (stl will be avaible to work with meshmixer and other softwares)
Testers have to give their feedback to improve the library, and take photos and pictures to communicate.