Temporary crown and bridge resin

Please advise as to when temporary resin in different colours will be available for dentistry like Detax Freeprint.
You are losing ground against competitors and are rorcing clients to look somewhere else. Alternative is to open system for third party resin.
Dr Leon Wolfaardt
South Africa

Hello @leon102065,

Thank you for taking the time to post! Can you go into a little more detail about what you mean by temporary resin? Is there specific use-case you have in mind that isn’t being served by our current library of dental resins(Dental SG, Dental LT, and Dental Model)?

Additionally, we do currently offer an Open Mode option on the Form 2, so if users would like to experiment with third-party materials they absolutely have that option.

I’m happy to elaborate further if you’d like!

Hi Mr Kirch
Thank you for getting back to me. Herewith link to what I need in a nutshell. 3D Printing in the Dental Laboratory: fabrication of temporary crowns & bridges with Freeprint® temp - YouTube
I am a bit concerned that Formlab states that printing quality will be degraded in open mode. With stuff going into patients mouth that is not a good idea. Can you elaborate on this please.
Currently I am fabricating surgical stents with meshmixer and Sirona software, making biteplates and creating models using intraoral scanner,Cerec and Inlab software, doing virtual mouth rehabilitations, ortho aligners etc. with Formlabs materials and no problems.
Below another link to extensive materials for dentistry which I would like to use in my Form 2.
Leon Wolfaardt

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