Form 2 in Dentistry

Form2 is good enough for lot of Dental prints! If you have any questions, welcome!


Hi Vazone, We have Form2 and are a dental laboratory, full models are good but when we need removable preps or holes for implant inserts we find they are always loose. we are trying a batch today with multiple adjusted settings but are already into minus figures. how do yours fit ?

What kind of software / resin you use? I’m try with exocad and works ok, but for Shure you must adjust everything, gap, xy, etc… I’m try with grey 0.25
Result is here:

Hi Vazone, I have Form1+ & Form2 and a dental clinic. What kind of resins do you normally use for temporary crown? The above models and temporary quality are very good!!

For crowns I use Nextdent MFH

Hi Vazone, we use the standard Form2 FLGPGR02 grey resin, and 3Shape.

So you can’t adjust gap settings?

When use Nextdent MFH, use open mode? and prints 25 micros?

No, this crowns printed at 50 microns

The gap setting we are going to try today, with 6 different settings but we are already into minus figures !

@VAZONE Have you used the NextDent Blue Tray material?

Kevin Yoder, DDS

I have tried Novux 3D cast, which is designed for 405 nm DLP system… doesn’t work. parts are overcured.

If I get it right, Novux and vertex ( nextdent ) is the same.

Did any one tried the nextdent cast?

Yes, but you must choose dental sg settings

Thank you so much’. I have seen you post over at, and your knowledge is greatly appreciated.

What is your cost for the C&B MFH? I got a quote for a $2300 per kg for one their C&B resins… all their other resins were between 200-300.


It’s standart cost like 250E

Good, must have been a typo :relieved:

Ok I wiil give it a try.



No, I don’t try nextdent tray on Formlabs, maybe next time I’ll order it

I ve tried Novux 3d cast with dental SG settings, it’s not working (undercured)
Tried it with clear resin settings, it’s overcured…

At least I know now that dental SG has the smallest laser exposure of all the settngs…