Form 2 in Dentistry

Which version of the clear resin settings did you use? What layer thickness did you set?


Hi @Vazone,
a question. For printing model for invisible align what resin ( formlab or another type ) and what resolution I have to use ( 100/50/25)?

100 grey is enough

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clear V2 @50 microns, never tried the clear v3 settings…

White is the fastest printing time.
50 is the lowest resolution.

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@David_Maillot I have generated a spreadsheet of what I hypothesize the laser power settings are for each material setting in Preform (check my other 3rd Party Resin Master List thread), but to save you some time, I have theorized that the absolute lowest laser power setting is on White V1. Changing the layer height might also slightly affect the perceived power (or curing thoroughness), so maybe play around with that setting. The next lowest laser power I have come up with is Clear V2 followed by White V2.

Cheers and good look! Please let us know if you find a setting that works!

@orthoniv this is for my question? (White is the fastest printing time. 50 is the lowest resolution.)

Yes .TAndrew

I had confirmation this morning from Vertex, that nexdent and Novux are the same product.

They also told me that the only one tested for the form 2 is the nexdent SG for surgical guide.


The latest information from Formlabs at CES 2017 regarding dental resins:

QUOTE “The first of many materials that we want to use under the dental regime of materials.”

Sounds promising!!!

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