Transition fit with Rigid 10k

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty new to working with formlabs printers and the 10k Resin, so bear with me.

I am currentling working on a set of statorblades that is to be used in a testbed to perform aerodynamic and acoustic studies on different geometries of the blades.
I’m printig the blades with the very promising Rigid 10k and have already printed some samples, they look ok so far.
The blades are fixed around the perimeter of the testbed using a solution usually used in the design of turbo machinery, a foot. Now that foot needs to sit tight in its aluminium frame but it has to be disassembled from time to time. A transisition fit seems to be the optimal solution.
The samples I printed on a Form 2 didn’t really do the job since they apparently shrunk a little too much during post processing i guess (about 0.4mm).

Now for the question:
Does the amount of shrinkage of parts printed with the 10k Resin vary from part to part? Or can I just scale the whole part to reach the desired transition fit and reach a repeatability over 24 blades with that scaled model?

Thanks a lot for any reply in advance, I really appreciate any help!