Resin shrinkage

Hi guys

Im having shrinkage issues printing my designs with form3.
So i am planning to buy another resin that has less shrinkage issues.
However there was no such thing as shrinkage factor in material properties data.

I want to know which resin has least shrinkage issues.

Thanks in advance.

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DongHyun Tony Kim

What resin are you using now? What properties do you need for the print (strength, flexibility, etc?)? How much shrinkage are you getting? Is the shrinkage isotropic? How are you cleaning your prints? How are you post-curing your prints? What dimensional accuracy do you need to achieve?

Simple: use this and you get happy:

If it is to hard just mix it with their other product: Robust Champagne

Since I switched to ALW resins I am very fine with the quality and the costs of production.
And yes, it was about shrinking: this resin keeps the shape better than the GreyPro for example.
Maybe about 1% shrinking at max. With FL resin I lost my nerves.


I am having the same problem with the new castable wax 40 the blue new wax 40 I am making jewelry . So is very important I have to have very close tolerance

Quick question from a Form 2 and 3 user. How exactly are you using the ALW resin then? You pour it on your own inside the tank and then print without a cartridge installed and just select gray V4 for the print settings? Let me know - we are printing a lot with the Formlabs resin and it has always been the biggest issue that parts are too expensive! Thanks!

Well, it depends on the way you have to print.

In generell resin will be refulled while print processing, if you need more than 200ml.

In my case I have nearly all prints at max use of 200 to 220 ml which can be run at one.

To be able to use the resin profile I want I got the Universal cartridge by
But I do not fill them - I just pour the resin manually. At some Vats I fixed the senor with a chewing gum so there are no refilling from cartidge any more.

The Vat has a volume of about 500ml - so printing a 350 to 400ml should be possible without refilling.
If you want to get sure there will always be enough resin, just pause the printer and refill in the pocess.

Well… that is how I run it.
And it works.

I’ve been using ALW resins as well. Prints with their engineering black are almost always spot on, if you tell the Formlabs printer it’s using standard black.

I suspect shrinkage is largely compensated for in the Formlabs software. So if you are getting shrinkage problems it’s likely the software hasn’t been updated to handle recent resin performance, or perhaps you have an old resin that behaves differently?

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