Transfer all layers before printing starts

I’ve noticed that it looks like the print layers transfer to the printer faster whenever the laser is not active.  So on a large file, the layers take a very long time to transfer because they slow down anytime a layer is printing.  I would like the option to have it transfer to the printer first so that it goes faster.  Often times I want my computer back to use, and wouldn’t mind the print waiting to start.

Good observation. That’s correct. The printer splits its time between printing and loading up new slices, so it does load slower. One option, that we often do in-office, is simply wait to confirm your print on the Form 1 until the upload is complete. The upload will proceed more quickly and you can confirm it once it’s complete.

Oh perfect! I’ll just try that next time! thanks!

Little trick, you can slightly lift the cover to activate the interlock (just slightly so no light gets in). This will stop the printing process, and make the upload faster.