Excessive layer print time

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Newbie here. I’m trying to print my first part and the printer is taking several minutes between layers. Is that normal? The videos online (non-timelapse obviously) show the printer moving a deliberate clip. Does the form 2 have problem with larger parts? Mine is 90.46mL and slated to take 8+ hours. I don’t have a problem with the overall print time but it seems like the printer is sitting there doing nothing for long periods of time. Does anyone know how the progress bar works? The inner grey circle keeps resetting and taking a long time to complete it’s route. And it doesn’t seemed tied to what the printer is doing anyway. It’s almost like the memory/cpu on the printer are bogged down.

It took about 20 min to do the first 5 layers (out of 1159). Granted those might take longer since it’s printing a base.

Confused - maybe I should have started with a smaller part first

The first layers are very slow. This gradually increases till the base is printed.
Just wait and you’ll see it will be faster soon :slight_smile:

Yeah. Except no one does. I didn’t…

What you describe is normal. The printer makes multiple passes during each layer to fully cure the base. It’ll speed up quite a bit once the first 20 layers of the base are complete. But it’s still not going to be like in the videos, which are time-lapse. A couple of minutes for a layer on a large object is not unusual.

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Thank fantasy2 and Randy_Cohen. The speed did indeed pick up and now it looks more like what i saw in the videos. I guess I never noticed that most of the videos use the clear resin and I’m printing with the black. I can’t really see the laser working with he black so it looks like not much is happening. But now the print is 80%+ done it’s cool to see all the layers being added and the form take shape.



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