First few layers taking forever

Hi, anyone else having this issue where the printer spends close to 25 minutes just printing Layer 1?

I started a print, and it’s now on layer 2 but that’s after waiting about 25 minutes for layer 1 to complete. And it seems like layer 2 is going to take just as long…

Is the cartridge nearly empty?

had the same issue before. this is what I did:

  1. check if the cartidge just if its near empty, and the spout is opened properly.
  2. check if the tank is fawlty or dirty. even the resin sensor can mess with it.
  3. check if you are fully updated. ( my prints take 10hrs, i missed an update and it took 13hrs in total)

good luck

The cartridge was nearly empty, so the filling process took a long time. I did switch to a full cartridge when the printer prompted me to. The printer then did its thing with the filling process and pre-print checks. And then it started on Layer 1. I could see and hear the z-axis motor bringing the platform down and then left to do some work in the next room. I thought it was weird because it was so quiet, normally I can hear the motor bringing the platform up and down, but for like 20 minutes there was no movement and when I went to check it was stuck on Layer 1 still. The progress bar was moving, but it was super slow. Finally after 25-30minutes it moved on to Layer 2, which took like 15 minutes? I went to sleep after that and this morning I checked the print, so far it seems like it was successful, I just had never seen it get stuck on Layer 1 like that before.

I will check the firmware though, I didn’t get the prompt to update so I feel like I should be on the most current (it’s the Aug 13th 2021 - or somewhere around that date).