Print super slow. "Sensing Resin" between every layer

Dear formlabs,

It appears that due to the newest resin counting issue and resulting spurious “cartridge empty” warning, the printer will now do “Sensing Resin” after EVERY LAYER !!!

Obviously, that more than halves the printing speed. The resin cartridge in question is still roughly 30% full, so I feel like I shouldn’t throw away 50€ of resin and buy a new one. But the printer thinks it’s empty and that has triggered some sort of bug.

  • How do I work around these issues?
  • I have the most recent stable firmware. Are there any beta updates to try?
  • Can I re-calibrate the “resin used” sensor somehow?
  • Should I send the printer in for repairs?
  • If the hardware/software bugs cannot be fixed, is there some sort of rebate that’ll give me 50% off on all resin purchases? 50% because the printer decides it to be empty after roughly 500mL are used.
  • What are my options?

This is normal behaviour.

The printer checks every layer to be sure there is resin in the tank.

Yeah. But his point is that the printer doesn’t do a good job of estimating how much resin is left in the tank. Both the Form2 and Form3 appear to suffer from the same problem. The printer will say the cartridge is out of resin when there is (at least as far as my experience goes) almost half a cartridge full left in the cartridge. When the printer thinks the cartridge is dry, whether or not it is dry, it goes in to this “limp along” mode that slows down print speed by an order of magnitude (maybe a slight exaggeration)…

I’m pretty sure it’s not. I printed the same file twice and one time it took 3 hours, the other time it took 8 hours. So when the printer enters it’s “cartridge empty” mode- no matter if justified or not - it’ll make printing a lot slower.

Plus there isn’t really any good reason to check every layer. The tank contains 200+ mL, so printing 10 layers in-between checks should be fine, too.

To me, this looks more like deliberate harassment that Formlabs added to prevent people from re-filling an empty cartridge with 3rd party resin. That’s why I feel extra offended that I have to deal with this shit despite paying the premium to buy the official resin.

I wanted a printer that “just works” and bought what I thought is a premium model. Yet here I am, doing their QA by diagnosing buggy firmware and software while paying for the wasted resin myself :sweat_smile:

BTW I installed a new resin cartridge and now it’s not doing the “Sensing Resin” anymore. That confirms my suspicion that this behavior is triggered only if the printer shows the “cartridge empty” warning.

Now the question is: What do I do with the “old” cartridge? It’s roughly half full, but the printer thinks it’s empty. So when I try to use it, it’ll trigger the bug described here. But I wouldn’t want to throw away €50-€100 in perfectly good resin just because of a software error.

Anybody figured out a workaround to this yet?

I’ve discovered that this also happens if you marry resin cartridges. Which is extremely frustrating, because this issue makes it so you tend to replace your cartridges before they’re empty, meaning you have a bunch of almost-but-not-fully-empty bottles piling up. It would be really nice it if it wasn’t such a hassle to use up all that perfectly good resin.

Can’t you pure some of the resin directly to the tank before start printing? (from your almost-empty bottles)

I sure hope so because that’s what I’ve been doing when I clean the tank I fill it out of the bottles that have just a bit left , so far not a problem , way to expensive to throw away

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That doesn’t work if you’re waiting for a shipment of new resin and all you have is nearly-empty bottles and you need a print done today. The problem is the printer being snippy because the bottle is nearly empty, it doesn’t matter how full the tank is.

However, in the future this is probably what I’ll do before throwing out old bottles. No more marrying anymore.

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